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Cyclope was created in August 2019 to promote eco-cycling tourism activities in a holistic prespective of solidarity, inclusivity and ecological concern. The main activities, since its creation, are:

1 - The organization of biking events invloving inhabitants from Essonne (91) and Yvelines (78), and notably students (Cyclo'Campus);

2 - The implementation of projects of scientific mediation art/science through adventures in long distance cycling (Cycling Europe).


Tanguy Sandré is a graduate in Arctic studies and climate change adaptation at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Originally from the South-West, and frankly from the Massicois, he quickly (re)tamed the bicycle to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the Paris region, tame the depths of the Yvelines and above all to stock up on chocolatines. Other smaller projects are not worth mentioning. Camp director and accomplished sociologist, the quality of his humour and his sense of rigour will be precious assets for the trip.


Tristan Vuillemin is a graduate in climate change adaptation at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. With a childhood in the Gatinais Francilien area, he developed a strong attachment to cycling and nature. A fervent lover of poetry, he is said to have declared his flame to Mother Nature last year, vowing to go and visit her as soon as he finished his studies. For him, bicycle tourism is nothing new. His knowledge of bicycle travel and his creative spirit will be valuable assets in building rich relationships with the people we will meet.


The project was initiated in partnership with the CEARC research centre, the associations ICARE and La Recyclerie Sportive of Massy.



On calls for projects

Project supported by the "Science et Société" scheme of La Diagonale Paris-Saclay, the "Vie de Campus" and "Globetalkers" schemes of the University of Paris-Saclay and the "Culture'Actions" scheme of the Crous de Versailles.




Funded by Soif de Bitume, as well as: Hervé Renoult, Marina Antonova, Maxime Vergnol, Dung Bich Nguyen, Neige Charlet, Robin Le Moing, Lydia Lawson, Paul Saulnier, Patricia Vuillemin, Alexandra Paris, Franziska Méléon, Chistian Civray, Hugo Decourcelle, Ayneric Feron, Jérémie Horns, Amina Boulkaria, Fanny Cornuejols, Elodie Delfaure, Michelle Jouhaneau, Julia Buiatti, Alexis Dubois, Eva Vuillemin, Pauline Pic, Franck Cucchi, Muriel Delbary, Arthur Vuillemin, Mickaël Larose, Maxime Fontaine, Hannah Bruneau, Francesca Bruneau & Co and Florence Delormel.