Cyclope: Local stories of change · Récits de changements locaux

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Cyclope, for Cycling Europe, is a science mediation project whose objective is to collect local stories of change. It gives a voice to citizens that we define as specialists of their territories. The main story we are interested in is the one related to environmental and climate change, while we question the centrality of this category of change in the plurality of changes expressed by the respondents.


Thinking as a Cyclops

As a Cyclops, our aim was to capture the alterity of the world. That's why, we have used a method based on grounded theory, with very open-ended questions, leaving room for the interviewees to tell us about the past/present/future changes that are important for them.


A six-month bicycle trip

Conducting across Europe during a six-month bicycle trip (May-November 2020), through nearly 8,000 kilometers, the project aims to product a documentary (hoped for September 2021). It will be articulated between travel tales and stories collected throughout the journey.


Throughout the trip, we shared our feelings and adventures in pictures and long text, sometimes letting a bit of poetry escape:



We are now working on several deliverables: a documentary, a result paper, a methodological thoughts on the itinerant survey, as well as various articles putting in order the heaps of ideas that crossed our minds on our bike and across borders.



This project is supported by the CEARC Research Center, the student association ICARE and the Recyclerie Sportive. It has been financed by several university institutions: the "Science et Société" program of La Diagonale Paris-Saclay, the "Globetalkers" program of the Université Paris-Saclay and the "Culture'Actions" program of the Crous de Versailles. We are also grateful to the participants of our crownfunding.