Over a 6-month cycling tour of Europe (from May to October 2020), this project is planned to be conducted through 13 european countries. Due to travel restrictions, the first part takes place on French territory, before we reach Northern Europe. For this reason, the itinerary is likely to change during the project.

You can follow our progress on the following map, as well as via Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and WhatsApp.

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To participate in our adventure, you are also welcome to contribute to our collaborative map by suggesting places to visit, people to meet, etc..:

  • "Host/Hôte" : Do you know any people who could host us on our way or places we could camp?
  • "To be met/A rencontrer" : If you want us to meet a specific association, organization, citizen or scientist for our study, we are in!
  • "Join us/Je vous rejoins" : You want to come along for the ride? Add the location where you could join us!
  • "Unmissable places/Lieux à ne pas manquer" : Can you recommend the unmissable places that stand in our way? (natural wonders, wells of history, good addresses, etc.).



1. Click on "Full screen".

2. Activate the modification, by clicking on the icon in the right-hand corner :

3. Find the location on the map using the tool on the left column :

Then, enter the name of the place and select from the list using the small pen :


4. Select the type of information to be added :  


5. Fill in the name and description (do not forget to specify the precise address and/or contact person):


6. Save.