ScienceS & NarrativeS


Cycling Europe is a mediation project whose objective is to collect local stories and narratives. It will give voice to citizens that we define as specialists of their territories. The main story we are interested in is that relative to environmental and climate change. We will take the Covid-19 health crisis, as an exceptional, widespread and potentially transformative phenomenon, as an entry point to discuss past and present changes observed at the local level and the individual and collective changes desired in the future. If possible, we will also interview climate and environmental scientists.


The project has also a scientific aim. We are fully supported by the CEARC research center of the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines - Paris-Saclay University, especially Jean-Paul Vanderlinden, Zhiwei Zhu, Jean-Michel Huctin, Juan Baztan and Jean-Luc Vayssière. At the end of the project, we will proceed to an analysis of these stories and narratives, leading to scientific productions. In particular, the publication of a scientific article on the town of Kiruna is envisaged.


Thinking as a Cyclops, a multifaceted journey

We will humbly proceed as Edgar Morin and his "What's happiness for you?". A broad question that calls for a multitude of answers, an infinite number of ways to experience the world. Thinking as a Cyclops, this is our methodology. We will therefore approach people by focusing our questions on the changes (generally speaking) that they have experienced in the past, that they are experiencing in the present and that they imagine in the future in the places where they live. This methodology was notably implemented in the research project, among others Inter-Arctic.


Dialogue with "local-based specialists" and "climate specialists".

More concretely, the objective of the project is to collect stories from European citizens on climate and environmental changes (past, present and future) as they observe, understand and experience them in their place of life. We will cross-reference the stories of these "local-based specialists" with those of "climate specialists" (researchers, IPCC in particular).


Browse places

We will set up our bike and tent to pick up our pencil, notebook and camera in several places chosen for their specificities, including :

  • Kiruna (Sweden), which is being relocated due to threats of collapse caused by more than a century of iron ore mining. Read here "Poetics of dwelling in Kiruna: From an empty land to a moving town".
  • Fieschertal (Switzerland), located near the largest Alpine glacier in the Aletsch, which is threatened of extinction by the end of the century.


Share narratives and stories

In the course of our peregrinations and our encounters, we will share with you the stories collected, in the form of writings and videos which will be available on this page, as well as on Vimeo. The idea is to create a platform for sharing, a panorama of stories so that everyone can grasp the diversity of worlds and associated stories.