Cycling Europe is a mediation project whose objective is to collect local stories and narratives. It will give voice to citizens that we define as specialists of their territories. The main story we are interested in is that relative to environmental and climate change.

Conducted during a six-month cycling travel through about 10 countries, the project aims to product a documentary. It will be articulated between travel narratives and stories collected.

  • Throughout the journey, we will regularly publish excerpts from these exchanges, as well as texts, poetic stories and photographs.

  • At the end of the project, we will be able to propose multiple deliverables:
    • Poetic and travel stories;
    • Long interviews with local actors;
    • A panorama of citizen stories;
    • At least one scientific article: a case study of Kiruna (Sweden) and/or a methodological thinking on the itinerant survey;
    • A 30-50 minutes documentary.


This project is supported and funded by several academic institutions, an interdisciplinary research centre, artistic and sports associations, as well as individuals.